Quality Policy


MARIO DEL GIUDICE S.R.L. is an organization dedicated to designing, selling, manufacturing and installing sterilization equipement, ovens and pure steam generators.


MARIO DEL GIUDICE S.R.L projects itself as a competitive and efficient company, recognized in the national and international market.

MARIO DEL GIUDICE S.R.L. has set as objectives:

  1. Satisfy the necessities and expectations of our clients,
  2. Mantain and improve the efficiency of the Quality Management System and global performance of the organization,
  3. Accomplish our client's legal requirements,
  4. Encourage innovation and continuous improvement in our products and services,
  5. Train all staff in the company to guarantee its competence in different activities,
  6. Mantain an adecuate work environment,
  7. Select our providers and develop mutually beneficial relationships,
  8. Analize all management data to make future decisions and actions efficient,

This policy is comunicated and spread to all levels of the organization